Active Shooter Training

This intensive course is designed to introduce you to the our core training method of Plan, Prepare, and Execute.  Topics include:  Review of Active Shooter incidents, Run/Hide/Fight, Police Response, First Aide Considerations.  This is our most popular Active Killer Training / Active Shooter Training program. Learn More

Physical Security Assessments

We offer comprehensive reviews of your facility to help identify strengths and weakness that can be used or exploited during an active shooter incident. Learn More

Security Consulting

We are independent security consultants.  That means we do not sell any products and can help you make an unbiased decision as to security equipment and technology.Learn More

Our Mission

Survival Response was born out of an unfortunate reality in today’s society. Active Shooter and Mass Shootings are on the rise. Effective and realistic training is needed to help reduce mass casualties during these incidents.

As a SWAT Commander and a SWAT Team Leader, we have the ability to pass on our real world experience to our clients to help them not only prepare, but to prevent and survive these horrific events.

Our programs are customized to meet your needs, whether it be a religious organization, healthcare facility, school/university, business, or law enforcement. Let our experience help you face this threat head on.

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