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Active Shooter Prevention Seminars

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Incidents of active shooter events are on the rise.  Our programs cover:

We know how devastating Active shooter incidents can be. Our experience has taught us one thing. The current direction of Active Shooter Training is flawed. The fact is that there is no governmental standard for training programs. Additionally, there is much disagreement among experts as to best practices.


Our program addresses these deficiencies by using our experience and education in the field. Structured after the Run/Hide/Fight concept, we expand the process to focus on prevention first. Additionally, we provide the framework that empowers employees to respond quickly and focus on survival.


Topics Covered:


  • Prevention Strategies for Employees and Employers

  • Framework of Run/Hide/Fight (There is much more to it than three words!)

  • Law Enforcement Response and Interaction

  • Casualty Care (Stop the Bleed)

  • Specialty topics based on the organization (i.e. Healthcare Facility, School, Business)


Law Enforcement Courses:


  • Dispatch Response to Active Shooter Incidents


  • Police Response


  • Single Officer and Group Response Tactics

  • Multi-Agency Response Considerations

  • Working with Rescue

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