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Empower your workforce with the ultimate defense against Workplace Violence and Active Shooter threats.



Step into safety with Survival Response – where protection meets expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding your workforce and clientele through tailored security solutions. From comprehensive Security Assessments to enlightening Workplace Violence Seminars and hands-on Active Shooter Training, we equip you with the tools to mitigate risks and save lives.

Led by a seasoned SWAT Commander (Ret.) and a SWAT Team Leader, our team brings invaluable real-world insights directly to you. With our guidance, you'll not only prepare effectively but also enhance survival prospects in critical situations.

Don't face uncertainty alone – let our proven experience fortify your defense strategy. Our programs are crafted to suit your unique requirements, with a specialized focus on small to mid-sized businesses, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Contact us today and take proactive steps towards a safer tomorrow.

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Situational Awareness Seminar
Workplace Violence Seminar
Firearms Training

Active Shooter Prevention Seminars
Security Assessments
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Survival Response is an Independent Security Consultancy. Our security vendors do not get paid for the equipment or services we recommend. At Survival Response, the customer is our primary concern.

We help businesses and organizations of any size to better manage the security risks that are unique to them. Our services help identify risks, reduce losses, and provide a safe workplace for customers and employees.

We can help implement security strategies so that they are aligned with your company’s mission and values so that the security program supports the efficient operation of your business. The last thing a security program should do is interfere with the success of an organization.


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Survival Response LLC Logo
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