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Active Shooter Prevention Seminars

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Active Shooter Training: A Comprehensive and Empowering Approach


There's no denying that active shooter incidents have become a devastating and, unfortunately, increasingly common reality in today's world. These traumatic events can inflict profound damage and loss, both on individual lives and the very fabric of our society. Hence, a responsible and effective approach to dealing with such situations is not just a requirement but a dire necessity. However, we've identified a gap in this critical area of training. The current direction of active shooter training programs appears flawed, mainly due to a lack of governmental standards and a multitude of conflicting opinions among experts on what truly constitutes best practices.

Recognizing this prevailing shortcoming, we have designed an innovative and comprehensive Active Shooter Training program. We've leveraged our extensive experience and deep understanding of the field to create a course that addresses these deficiencies head-on. Our program doesn't just teach you how to react when confronted with an active shooter situation; it prioritizes prevention and prepares you to act quickly and strategically to maximize survival chances.


Our Training Framework

Structured around the widely accepted Run/Hide/Fight concept, our course expands this process to delve into the intricacies beyond these three critical words.


The primary goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and respond to such critical situations effectively.

Our comprehensive course encompasses a wide range of topics, including:

  • Prevention Strategies for Employees and Employers: We help both employees and employers identify the warning signs of potential threats and implement effective prevention strategies to mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents.

  • Framework of Run/Hide/Fight: Our course delves into the detailed framework behind this concept. We provide an in-depth understanding of what it takes to successfully employ this strategy under stress-filled conditions.

  • Law Enforcement Response and Interaction: Understanding how law enforcement responds to active shooter situations and how to interact with them during such events can significantly increase survival chances.

  • Casualty Care (Stop the Bleed): Empowering individuals with life-saving skills such as immediate hemorrhage control can make the difference between life and death while waiting for medical assistance.

  • Specialty Topics Based on the Organization: We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges. Our course covers specialty topics tailored for different environments, including healthcare facilities, schools, and businesses.

Law Enforcement Courses


Recognizing the crucial role of law enforcement in resolving active shooter incidents, our program extends specific courses designed for dispatch and police response.

  • Dispatch Response to Active Shooter Incidents: Training focuses on optimizing the vital role of dispatchers in coordinating the initial response to active shooter situations.

  • Police Response: We provide training on best-practice tactics for police response to active shooter incidents, enhancing safety and effectiveness.

  • Single Officer and Group Response Tactics: Our courses also cover strategies for individual officers and groups, ensuring coordinated and effective action during high-pressure situations.

  • Multi-Agency Response Considerations: We delve into the complexities and necessities of a coordinated multi-agency response, stressing the importance of communication and collaboration among different responding agencies.

  • Working with Rescue: Training includes strategies for working with rescue teams to ensure the swift and safe evacuation of individuals and administer urgent medical aid.


Our aim is to create a safer world, one where individuals and organizations are not just aware of the potential threat posed by active shooter situations but are prepared and empowered to respond effectively.


Our active shooter training program is much more than just an educational course; it is a commitment to enhancing safety, preserving lives, and ensuring peace of mind in these uncertain times.


Enroll now and be part of the solution.

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