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We are passionate about helping ordinary people develop the confidence to overcome extraordinary situations. Survival Response meets a critical need in today’s world by teaching people and organizations how to respond to workplace violence effectively. Our focus is not merely to reduce but prevent mass casualties.


Our programs will help you prevent, prepare, and survive workplace violence, active shooter, and terrorist attacks. Using our combined 40 years of law enforcement experience specializing in tactical response, we create customer-specific training programs that are realistic and of the highest quality. We have trained over 1,500 civilians and law enforcement officers in active shooter response.


We look forward to doing the same for your organization.


For nearly a decade, we have instructed more than 1,500 citizens and law enforcement officials in the survival skills needed during Active Shooter events. What began as a part of our assigned duties as law enforcement leaders grew into a full-fledged training business that serves both the public and private sectors.


Survival Response LLC’s motto is “Ad vita Paramus,” which translates to “We are preparing for life.” We are highly trained and have real-world experience in workplace violence and active shooter incidents. Our team helps individuals and groups learn effective responses to active shooter incidents to reduce and prevent mass casualties. In addition to Active Shooter Response Training, we also offer security consulting to businesses, religious organizations, schools, medical facilities, and government agencies.

About Our Founders



Co Founders Gene Petrino and Jay Kowalewski
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