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Excellent training. Knowledgeable instructors that will help you gain the tactical edge needed for today’s unfortunate events. Their knowledge and effective training skills are second to none!

Heidi B.

I highly recommend this training. Gene P is a great instructor. Very Professional very safe detailed instructions.

Adam R.

A very good class with highly knowledgeable staff. Everything presented was done so with background explanations and a high degree of tactical expertise. I would recommend the team to anyone involved in law enforcement or who one day may need such training, which tragically is rapidly becoming a necessity for everyone.

Ken M.

Kristin C.

My husband and I took the Basic Pistol Course with Gene. He was amazing. Very warm and friendly right from the beginning. I am new to handling firearms, and was a bit nervous. He put me right at ease, and made me feel confident and safe with the level of information he provided. I would highly recommend him and his organization.

William J.

They were able to explain everything so that everyone understood. Took the time to make sure everyone was up to there level of expectations. Very good instructors! Highly recommended.

Aaron V.

Very knowledgeable, with a lot of experience in teaching classes, security threat analysis and real-world operational planning/execution. Classes are a lot of fun and are loaded with valuable information.

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