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Situational Awareness Seminar

This course provides a solid foundation and/or enhances any previous training on Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Response.

Woman in parking garage looking over her shoulder

At any given moment, there are vast amounts of information communicated to you through behavioral indicators, but how much are we paying attention to? The Program will allow you to tap into this “hidden” language happening just under the surface of everyday environments. By learning specific, researched-based behaviors tied to fear or threat, you exponentially increase your awareness.

Behaviors from the brain’s survival center can give off observable pre-event indicators to fear or threat. Once observed, you can disrupt the chain of events that lead to conflict and stop a threat before it begins. By understanding these behaviors, you will establish baselines and pick out anomalies happening all around you in real-time. This builds a pro-active and situationally aware mindset that aids in disrupting problems before they happen.



Topics Covered:


  • In-Depth Understanding of Science-Based Situational Awareness & How To Apply It In Your Life Immediately

  • How To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe By Being Able To Spot Pre-Threat Indicators In Real Time.

  • How To Travel Safe By Understanding Behavioral Profiling & Kinesics

  • How To Speed Up Your Decision Making In The Event Of A Violent Incident


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