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Improve the quality of care. Create a happier and safer workplace. Increase profitability



Hospital CEOs are being pushed to their limits. Staffing shortages, overworked and burned-out employees, along with pending federal regulations have placed a massive strain on hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Workplace violence is a very real problem that is on the rise and costing hospitals on average
$280,000 per year.

FREE: Take the Healthcare Safety Scorecard Quiz

Find out how prepared your organization is for the pending regulations.

Our immersive Safety Program switches you out of reactive crises-mode and into proactive success, so you can focus on patient safety and operational effectiveness. It’s designed to retain current staff, attract new hires, and prepare your hospital for imminent government regulations…

Making your hospital more profitable:

Most hospitals have been in cost-cutting mode, leading to reduced efficiency, patient errors, and unwelcomed workplace incidents.

We have the solution. By addressing safety issues, we can reduce the costs associated with errors, re-admissions, worker’s compensation claims, staff absenteeism, litigation, and staff turnover.

Healthcare is quickly evolving into a new model:

CEOs can’t afford to be constantly playing defense and trying to stay afloat in these turbulent times. After all, it’s hard to focus on the future when you are always worried about potential problems. 

We can help you focus, once again, on the future.


Gene Petrino is a highly decorated retired SWAT Commander with nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement and private security. He holds a master's degree in Security Management and is a Subject Matter Expert in Active Shooter Response and Prevention.


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If you’re serious about improving your hospital’s quality of care, creating a happier and safer workplace for your patients and employees, and increasing your profitability, you may qualify for hands-on help from me and my team.

Book a Safety Assessment to uncover your #1 safety pitfall, and together we’ll develop a 3-step action plan to make your hospital secure and successful.

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