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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

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“Do I need active shooter training?” This is our most frequent question. Typically comments we are told, “I’m not a student,” or “my work is safe.” Our response is simple. YES! It is flawed thinking to believe that it only applies to schools or work. There have been active shooter attacks at religious facilities, airports, casinos, movie theaters, and even out-door concerts and celebrations. Now do you think you need it?

Benefits of Active Shooter Training:

Let’s explore how active shooter training can help you. First, being prepared is always a good thing. Active shooter training isn’t just about active shooter incidents. It’s about preparing you for the unexpected. Ever been in a situation and not known what to do? It has to be the worst feeling of helplessness there is. Personal security concepts have been applied to many situations. For instance, a situation where you’re alone and approached by a stranger. How about a structure fire in your home or business. Likewise, when avoiding a traffic crash. It’s all about awareness.

Second, it is empowering. Moreover, your confidence will increase as you know what to do when faced with an adverse situation. No one should go through life in fear. Fear is a prison. So why are we so afraid? We are inundated with all the bad in the world. Just watch the evening news. Every news station is fighting for viewers and seems to find the worst incidents to cover. It’s no wonder so many people live being afraid. Active shooter training will give you the courage you need to face your darkest fears.

Additionally, there may come a time in your life when someone needs your help. Having the knowledge to react to tough situations is priceless. Courage is rarely enough to help someone in a perilous situation. You need the combination of courage and knowledge. Again, it doesn’t have to be just an active shooter incident. Understanding basic first aid, the concepts of cover and concealment, and situational awareness are lifesaving. Finally, you’ll also avoid the regret of not being able to help someone in need.


Active shooter training is now a part of our culture. It is necessary for everyone to learn. Our hope that you will never need it. One day you will be glad you have it. Face your fears. Obtain courage and knowledge. Help your community and yourself. Be safe.

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